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Teller of the Pointed Stones: Stoneteller: Gray and white spotted she-cat with amber eyes. (Splashcloud)

Teller of the Pointed Stones' To-be:



Gray Cloud Full Of Rain-Gray- big light gray tom(Ducksplash)



Small Cloud Passing Over-Cloud- white she-cat mother to Wave, Lightning, and Tiny(Ducksplash)


Comfrey Growing Near Water :Comfrey: Golden she-cat with blue eyes, and white flecks. Squirrel's sister. Parents died. (Splashcloud)

Squirrel That Scurries Up Trees :Squirrel: Golden tom with green eyes. Comfrey's brother. Parent died. (Splashcloud)

Wave that Laps at Shore-Wave- small grey and white she-cat(Ducksplash)

Lightning that Flashed at Dawn-Lightning- big black tom with a white stripe(Ducksplash)

Tiny Mole that Runs Past-Tiny- very small brown-and-cream tom(Ducksplash)



They live around a huge waterfall, and their neighbor is the Tribe of Running River.

Roleplay HereEdit

Comfrey looked around for someone to play with.

Splash's river, it has fish! ><)))•> 17:56, February 26, 2012 (UTC)

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